Berri to call Parliament session next week: report

in english/The Daily Star/عناوين الصحف

Speaker Nabih Berri is expected to call for a Parliament session to be held next week, a local daily reported Wednesday. Al-Akhbar newspaper said that Berri told his visitors Tuesday that he had decided not to call for a session to elect parliamentary committees and its members ahead of going on vacation last month, in hopes of an advancement in the government formation issue.

“But this didn’t happen and I cannot wait any longer,” Berri was quoted as saying. Sources told the daily that in next few hours the speaker will move toward scheduling a Parliament session next week. “His [Hariri’s] concentration will be on three fronts; the [Free Patriotic Movement], the Lebanese Forces and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Joumblatt,” Berri said, according to Al-Akhbar…

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